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Friday, February 21, 2014

How to install and align free to Air satellite Dish Without a Meter

Buy below Equipment 
  1. Ku Band or C band satellite Dish 
  2. Ku Band or C Band LNB  
  3. Free to Air Satellite Receiver   (MPEG 4/DVB-S2 is better )
  4. RG6 Cable ( Antenna coaxial cable )
  5. Taper seal F connector 2 ( connector for coaxial cable )
  6. Find a Drill Machine, Screw drive , Spanner wrench , Compass 
Select a your Satellite 
Visit a  select your favorite satellite. I'm select G-Sat 15 for the continue lesson. write down transponder frequency, Symbol Rates and polarization ( vertical or Horizontal ) 

My selection details 

Transponders   10990,11070,11150, 11490,11570
Symbol Rate    27500
Polarization      V

Find your reception details and Dish size 
Visit a find your reception details. you have to write down Elevation Angle,Magnetic Azimuth, LNB tilt and recommend dish size.

My selection data for G-Sat 15 for Sri Lanka

Elevation Angle 73°
Magnetic Azimuth 119°
LNB Tilt 60
Dish size For Ku Band 70 cm

Assemble Dish
Assemble dish using manual. and connect F connector for coaxial cable.

Select a location for your Dish
selection location should be direct line of sight in the direction of the satellite and free of obstruction. Generally high location such as a rooftop or side of wall are used. The dish should be fixed at the mounting point. connect LNB and receiver using Coaxial Cable.

Configure your Receiver 
Turn on the Receiver and TV. Enter the receiver setup mode and  find Transponder edit menu and enter Transponder Frequency , symbol rate and  Polarization. Again enter the receiver setup mode and navigate the menu option until you find the signal strength screen. 

Dish align method 
  Keep your partner in front of the TV. keep communication both of you until finish the dish alignment. obtain correct elevation azimuth and LNB Angle setting for your Dish from web site.
  Locate the Dish correct Azimuth using compass. Aline the Dish physically very show arc. until it is pointed
in approximately the correct direction. Ask your partner to call when the signal strength indicator begins to move. Turn the dish in one direction just a degree at a time and wait for your partner to respond after each movement. Repeat until the signal strength peaks and then begins to fade again.
    Move the dish slowly back in the other direction, until your partner tells you the signal has once again peaked. Tighten the bolts on the mount to finalize the azimuth. Loosen the elevation bolts slightly so you can angle the dish and repeat the process until you have got the elevation fine tuned. Your signal strength should be at least at 80. Now you are dish align completed.  

Dish align video this video helps that how to align Satellite dish  

Useful web site